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Rick Warren, The Purpose Driven Life (via teenager90s)

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When you give someone your time, you are giving them a portion of your life that you’ll never get back. Your time is your life. That is why the greatest gift you can give someone is your time.



"Blue and Yellow" by The Used

should’ve done something
but I’ve done it enough
by the way your hands were shaking
rather waste my time with you

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I was never really insane except upon occasions when my heart was touched.

“In this business a lot of women’s careers are over when they turn 40. It’s very inspiring, as a younger female actress, to see somebody who’s been around as long as she* has making a transformation and reinventing herself.” - Maggie Siff (Sons of Anarchy co-star) [x]

*Katey Sagal in Futurama, 8 Simple Rules, CSI, Smart House, Married with Children, Glee, Boston Legal, Lost, The Shield, Ghost Whisperer, Sons of Anarchy, Eli Stone

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Keep your relationship private without keeping your partner a secret. There’s a difference between privacy and secrecy.


The Stunning Tree Photography of Lars Van De Goor

The trees are the most long-lived organisms of the Earth, which decorate and protect nature, providing shade and shelter. Their main advantage, of course, is to continues the air by absorbing carbon dioxide and release oxygen. There is nothing better than a walk under the beautiful trees, rosewood or beech. Txt Via


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